Client stories

Gordon’s story

We worked with Gordon to help him with his pensions, ensuring that he’s able to have the retirement he wants. Discover what we did to help.

Carol’s story

We helped Carol through a difficult time after the unfortunate loss of her husband, at a time when she needed help the most. Discover how we helped.

Paul and Sara’s story

Paul and Sara wanted to make sure that their children would be financially secure long in to the future. Find out more on how we helped.

Fiona’s story

Fiona came to us on the recommendation of her brother and sister-in-law. They were looking for help with their investments. See how we helped.

Stephanie’s story

Stephanie came to us as her financial affairs were in need of serious help, and for more complicated than they needed to be. Discover how we helped.

Matthew’s story

Matthew had a Critical Illness plan, set up years ago which had not been paid out. Discover how we helped Matthew receive the money he deserved.

Justin’s story

Justin had a multitude of pensions. We worked with Justin to consolidate these pensions and he is now in a position to retire that suits him. See how we helped.