Carol’s story

Carol got in touch with Andy after the unfortunate loss of her husband, Barry. She needed help with the money left from various pensions that Barry had previously set up. Andy was recommended to Carol by her solicitors, as they had all had positive experiences working with him.

Help in a difficult time

Handling large sums of money is always difficult, however at a time of vulnerability and charged emotions, it is even harder.

Fortunately for Carol, Andy was there to help explain the steps required, help release the money and to make sure the money was invested and spent wisely.

Prior to her husband passing, Carol didn’t have a lot of experience with major financial decisions. Only accompanying her husband when the bank wanted to see her. Therefore, it was important that Andy let Carol know she could trust him.

After their first meeting, Andy produced a financial plan for Carol that would help ensure the money was spent and invested wisely. As Carol hadn’t worked with a financial planner before, it was important that Andy was on hand at any time to answer any questions that may pop up. This is why he was always available down the other end of a phone.

Andy explained to Carol that the money sitting in pension pots was going to waste, as they were not gathering any interest or accumulative wealth. He helped answer her questions of “where do I go?” and “how do I move forward?”, explaining the steps that will be taken throughout the process.

Financial security

Thanks to working with Andy, Carol has recently been able to pay off her mortgage, providing a whole new sense of financial security. Also, despite being placed on furlough, before being made redundant, Carol still has financial security thanks to the pensions from her husband and the advice Andy gave. She’s also recently been able to spend some money on the house, having some rooms refurbished.

When asked for three key points to describe Andy, Carol said “Trustworthy, caring and easy to talk to, he knows how to get to know and discover what works for you”. Finally, when asked if she’d recommend Andy, the answer was “Oh definitely, yes. I’ve actually mentioned Andy to my neighbours recently”.

We’re so glad that Carol has been able to find the help she needed by working with Andy and we hope for a long-term working partnership together.