Gordon’s story

Before working with Peter on his financial planning, Gordon had already built a good relationship with him from working together in a previous role.

Getting pensions in order

Gordon was initially looking for help with his pensions. He’d established a pension arrangement with his first employer before changing roles and having to set up his own arrangements. As he was early on in his career, Gordon had little money saved, with outgoings going towards buying a house, starting a family and more.

However, after becoming a partner at a firm, Gordon had significantly more earnings coming in. It’s at this point that he began to use Peter’s investment advice. Peter got him to think about the long term, what he wants to do after his career, making provisions for the future, and much more. Thanks to this planning, Gordon has been able to spend more time doing the things he enjoys since turning 50.

Thanks to their previous working relationship, Gordon had very few worries when starting his relationship with Peter. Although he was worried about giving someone that level of control over his finances, thanks to Peter’s transparency through the whole process, even these small worries were eased almost instantly.

Working relationship

Throughout the process of working together, Peter was honest and transparent, two things we pride ourselves on here at Adcock. Gaining trust is a vital step for an adviser – once earned it makes the entire process of working together much smoother.

Even before working together, Gordon and Peter had a very good relationship, being able to laugh and joke together. However, since working together they have been able to develop a working friendship. This is thanks to Peter having the full trust of Gordon, knowing that Peter is constantly working in Gordon’s best interests. Because of this, Gordon has often commented on the level of comfort he feels when working with Peter.

Despite predominantly working with Peter, Gordon has regularly stated that he’s perfectly at ease when working with any other member of the Adcock team. Whether it’s another planner or our admin staff, Gordon feels comfortable in the knowledge that we’re all working diligently in his best interests.

Financial stability

Thanks to working with Peter, Gordon now has a wide spread and diverse investment portfolio that works especially for his needs. This portfolio has proven its stability multiple times, withstanding economic downturns, such as the Financial Crisis in 2008 and, more recently, Covid-19.

While this portfolio is unlikely to see huge surges in growth, the stability it provides is perfectly aligned with Gordon’s lifestyle and goals. Despite Gordon’s portfolio being designed for stability, it has still more than doubled in size over the last 8 to 10 years.

When asked for three keywords or phrases to describe Peter, Gordon said:

  • Knowledgeable – “In his areas of expertise he’s extremely knowledgeable. For example, I wouldn’t go to anyone else for advice on my pensions.”
  • He knows his limits – Everyone has their limits and it’s important to be honest with them.  “An example of that was when we started talking about some inheritance tax planning. And he knew to bring in a lawyer with significantly more experience around inheritance tax than he had. Rather than trying to wing it himself”.
  • Fun – Thanks to their decades old working friendship, Peter and Gordon are able to have fun when working together. Ensuring that review meetings are not the usual tedious affair that you may be used to with other advisers. “We have fun. We have fun looking at my finances for the future and what the plans are, and I think that takes away the sometimes slightly boring and tedious side of it.”

When asked if he’d recommended Peter to his friends, family and colleagues, the answer was a resounding positive; “Yes, and I certainly have done so. My in-laws became clients of his, the chap who was my best man, he did some work for him. There’re probably half a dozen people that I’ve already recommended him to.”