Paul and Sara’s story

Sara and her husband, Paul, first got in touch with Andy several years ago after previously working with another financial planner.

Future-proofing their pot

They got in touch with Andy to discuss their investments, as they are looking to pass them on to their children in the future. Paul and Sara were very aware that while they could sit on their funds, the better option was to look at ways to help their pot grow.

A major part of their discussions was to “future-proof” their pot, to make sure the money will be there for both their children and grandchildren in the future.

Despite Paul and Sara’s initial concerns about working with a financial planner, due to the worry that things may go wrong, Andy was able to explain the process and put them at ease. The next hurdle for the couple was their difference in attitude to risk. While Sara was initially more averse to risk, Paul was more inclined to take larger risks, a potential obstacle when investing together.

A solution for everyone

However, Andy was able to work between the lines to create a solution that worked for them both. He also took the time to explain the optimum time to take larger risks vs smaller risks. For example, with the money you’d like to leave for your grandchildren, you can take slightly larger risks with, as it has years and years before being needed. However, it’s often wiser to take smaller risks with any money you may need in the short term.

Andy has continued to provide Paul and Sara with a safe pair of hands, taking away the stress of managing large sums of money and giving them the freedom to enjoy their life. The key to this working relationship has been built on trust, with Andy keeping them informed every step of the way. Andy also goes the extra mile, making sure to email them both when a sudden change happens in the market, such as markets or shares suddenly going up or down.

Flexibility is key

When it comes to their favourite thing about working with Andy, it is that he is flexible with their meetings, very often going to them directly. Not only is this convenient for Paul and Sara, it also allows them to feel more comfortable when talking about their finances.

When asked if they’d recommend Andy to their friends and family, Paul and Sara gave a resounding yes. Stating that they’d not hesitate to tell their friends and family to get in touch with Andy should they know anyone that may require his help.