What is our charity incentive?

We’re planning to make a £50 charitable donation for every initial meeting we have that comes from a client recommendation. Whether the meeting takes place in person or remotely (via Zoom, Teams, etc.), we’ll donate. There’s not even a requirement for them to become a client!

Simply put, if you recommend your friends, family or colleagues to us and we meet with them, we’ll make a £50 donation on your behalf.

Who are we helping?

The good causes that we’ve decided to support with our new charity referral are Crossroads Together and Cornwater Evergreens, for our London and Nottingham offices, respectively.

Crossroads Together aims to be the leading provider of professional support to carers and those with care needs. They want carers and those with care needs to be identified, supported and offered outstanding care to help maintain their own health and wellbeing.

To learn more about the work that Crossroads together do, please click here.

Cornwater Evergreens provides companionship and a lively environment where older people can spend the day socialising and taking part in a wide range of activities. They strive to prevent older people from becoming socially isolated by offering lively, active clubs where members can spend an enjoyable day, ending those feelings of loneliness.

To learn more about the work that Cornwater Evergreens provide please click here.

Who can you introduce us to?

Our team of experts can help people in various circumstances and from a wide range of backgrounds. However, we specialise in working with a select few groups of people:

Why you can recommend us with confidence

So, if you know someone that we can help, please pass on our details and invite them to get in touch. Not only will you be helping a friend or family member, but you’ll also be helping a fantastic cause!