Business owners

Business owners

We understand the twin challenges of managing your business and personal finances, and that the two are inextricably linked. Our expertise and experience, allows us to focus on the integration of personal and corporate financial planning to meet your individual goals.

We also know that your time is precious and you need to see a clear benefit from taking financial advice.

Typically, the business owners we work with are based in Richmond, Esher and the Greater London area, as well of course, as in Central London.

What problems can we help you solve?

We are here to help solve your financial problems, depending on your requirements, this could include:

Your business

  • Building a tax efficient remuneration strategy for you and your fellow directors, allowing you keep more of your income and reach your financial goals more quickly
  • Using the tax advantages of your pension, to help your business grow and potentially reduce bank borrowing or allow you to buy your own premises
  • Putting in place reward packages for your staff, which will promote high levels retention, aid your recruitment efforts and help you build a stronger business
  • Considering ways to take money out of your business tax-efficiently; again, lower tax bills will allow you to reach your own financial goals more quickly
  • Protecting your business, so if you become ill or, unfortunately die, your family is not negatively affected financially and can maintain their current lifestyle
  • Ensuring compliance with Auto Enrolment* legislation and that your employees enjoy the benefits of a workplace pension

Your family

  • Providing for your family, to ensure they are financially secure, and can maintain their lifestyle, should you die, or fall ill
  • Ensuring that the value of your business is passed on to your family, as tax-efficiently as possible, should you die, allowing them to benefit from its true value and your years of hard work

Your retirement

  • Maximising the sale value of your business, whilst reducing the capital gains tax you pay, to ensure you benefit from as much of the sales proceeds as possible
  • Implementing plans and strategies to ensure your retirement is as comfortable as you wish it to be
  • Managing your assets, savings, investments and pensions, ourselves, so you benefit from our years of expertise, without incurring additional costs if this task is outsourced, as many advisers do

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The official bit

*The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Auto Enrolment.

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