People nearing retirement

People nearing retirement

In the years leading up to retirement, expert advice is vital, to ensure the money you have put aside will provide you with the retirement you always planned.

Ideally, we start working with clients 5 – 10 years from their planned retirement date. The introduction of Pensions Freedom makes this ‘run in’ to retirement even more important, so that you can benefit from the new rules, whilst avoiding the many pitfalls.

We understand the challenges you face and that you probably have a picture in your mind of what retirement looks like. Whether that’s more time with the grandchildren, pursuing hobbies and pastimes you didn’t have time for when you were working, or taking more holidays, our job is to help deliver the retirement you have dreamed of.

What problems can we help you solve?

We are here to help solve your financial problems, depending on your requirements, this could include:

Your retirement

  • Actually helping to plan your ideal retirement; whilst important it isn’t all about the money
  • Calculating exactly when you will be able to retire with your chosen lifestyle; it may be sooner than you think!
  • Reviewing your existing pensions and investments to ensure they are on track, to provide the income you need to deliver your ideal retirement. Again, changes to your pension, which reduce cost or improve performance, could move your retirement date closer
  • Strategies to reduce your tax liabilities; giving you more money in retirement and potentially allowing you to retire sooner than you originally planned to do
  • Considering how Pension Freedoms can help to deliver the retirement you planned and potentially give you or options previously unavailable to you
  • Strategies to cope with the low interest rate environment, to ensure your savings maintain their real value and are not eroded by inflation
  • Managing your assets, savings, investments and pensions, ourselves, so you benefit from our years of expertise, without incurring additional costs if this task is outsourced as many advisers do

Your family

  • Considering options to financially assist your children or grandchildren, perhaps to leave university with lower debts or to help them onto the housing ladder
  • Calculating your Inheritance tax liability and considering ways it can be reduced or avoided, so when the times comes, you will leave as much of your estate as possible to your loved ones
  • Basic estate planning, to ensure that your wishes are fully carried out after your death or should you need long term care
  • Considering the financial implications of you or your spouse needing long term care and the effect this will have on the amount of money you are able to leave to your loved ones

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