Senior Executives

Senior executives

The senior executives we work with have very specific financial challenges, which, over the past 30-years, we have become highly proficient at solving.

Of course, we know your time is precious and our experience means we are able to deliver high quality independent financial advice efficiently, at a time and a place to suit you.

Typically, the senior executives we work with are based in Central London, as well as Richmond, Esher and the surrounding towns.

What problems can we help you solve?

We are here to help solve your financial problems, depending on your requirements, this could include:

Your income

  • Reducing the tax you pay, thereby increasing your disposable income and ensuring you meet your financial goals sooner

Your savings & investments

  • Ensuring your savings and investments are on track to meet your financial goals, allowing you, for example, to move to a larger house, help meet the cost of private schooling for your children or university, or retire sooner than you expected
  • Managing your assets, savings, investments and pensions, ourselves, so you benefit from our years of expertise, without incurring additional costs if this task is outsourced as many advisers do

Your retirement

  • Reviewing your current and previous workplace pensions, to ensure they will provide the income you expected and won’t negatively affected by the headwinds facing many pensions
  • Ensuring you retire when you planned to, or indeed sooner, and with sufficient income to provide the lifestyle you want

Your family

  • Meeting the cost of school fees and university, to ensure your children get the education you want them to benefit from
  • Helping your children get onto the housing ladder sooner than may be possible without your help
  • Ensuring that your family are protected should you die suddenly or fall ill, so the plans you have put in place and the aspirations you have for your children, are not negatively affected
  • Helping you meet the cost of buying a larger home, should you decide to move house

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